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Easy Tips to Using Printable Coupons




Saving money is key to everyone’s budget. Finding coupons from the newspaper is a tedious job. Turning page after page, and then filling your trash can with the unusable coupons and advertising. From theselection of online coupons, you can choose which coupons you want to print and use, reducing waste and inconvenience.


Before you begin printing your coupons, here are a few helpful steps that will make your weekly coupons quick search easier to organize and not overwhelm you from the coupon distributors.


  1. Before you begin - most grocery coupon saving sites will ask you to sign up with your email. However much the site says they don’t share your info, unless you read every sites term of use, you may wind up with an email box that is overwhelmed with “junk”, “spam”. So we suggest that you set up a free site email address for yourself to keep your private email private. Here is a list of some quick free email sites, , , ,  although this is short list of free email accounts, they are the most popular. 
  2. Making a list - before you begin choosing your coupons, have your shopping list ready. Here is a downloadable pdf grocery list that you can print and keep on your refrigerator throughout the week. If you really are interested in an interactive shopping list we have located on the web, a great grocery list maker here. Keeping to a well organized list will help you save money, as it is easier to keep to list rather than choosing random items while shopping, only to find when you get home that you have more “junk food” than you expected. 
  3. Completing your list- once you have filled out your grocery list then you can choose the coupons that correlate with your list. As you are choosing your coupons based on your list, highlight the item on your list to remind yourself when you are at the store that you have a coupon for that item. 

Helpful hints:

If you are using the interactive my grocery list they have many areas that you can type in your choice under the food item categories.


You can use an old wallet to keep your coupons organized. There many other ways to organize your coupons, a index box that you keep on your counter or in your cabinet. Just remember that most things that are out of site are out of mind.


Remember you are saving money, unless a coupon has value to what you need, “an EXTRA” coupon choice, of something that you may like to try, that you would not normally choose will not help you reach your goal. However if you would like to try a new item a coupon is a great way to save as you try out the item.


BOGO- Buy One Get One free items are great ways to save. Some grocers have promos that will coincide with coupon savings. Check your favorite grocer’s weekly advertisement online for their promos before you travel to the store.


Most warehouse shopping stores accept coupons, always check at their customer service desk for any coupons that they may have for the customer.


With these tips and outline you are well on your way to weekly savings.


Below is a list of coupon distributor’s from the web. We have tried to include as much information about each site as we can, hopefully you will find one or more of these online merchant distributors helpful in saving you money.




Written by

Kaycee Marlett

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Here are some coupon websites we found - click on our blog and let us know YOUR feedback!


Brand driven, logos make it easy to find those familiar names in your grocery aisle. Only down side was the search feature did not seem to pull relevant items as hoped. Many household name merchants. Find what you need by category or alphabetical, hot deals, or what's new. Makes me wonder why I leave the house or buy anything without checking here first.
  Print Free Grocery Coupons at Home


No registration needed. Several pages of printable coupons - 84 offers last time I went in. I like how it tabulates my savings at the top as I select coupons to print. To print the coupons you must download and install their coupon printer. The fine print states that they not install any third-party software, adware, or spyware, nor does it collect any personal information. They also offer an uninstall.
  12060-0605-PkrChpGoA - 120x60 Registration needed.  After passing through registration there are about 6 pages of offers that you must navigate through before reaching any coupons.  You will need to install their coupon printer.  Note, my SpyWare doctor blocked several advertisers from this page.

Registration is needed on this site. Don't forget to create an email account just for coupons! This site seems visually busy, somewhat overwhelming to me, but some good discounts. If you don't select printable coupons, you will have to peck around a bit, through grocery, then on to more coupons before you land on the first of several coupon offers. From there you select the ones you want to print. There is no registration, however you must activate a smart source coupon printer - and install an add-on before you will be able to print. Registration required. Nationally recognized name brands on the front page, after entering in email and contact information, multiple prefilled offers, I counted roughly 14 that I opted out of. This is followed by 4 pages with a listing of offers that require you to say yes and no to - be forewarned, some are prefilled yes and they automatically have your email from the registration. They require at least one "yes" response before you are able to submit. After that you are required to complete one survey, which although they consider it brief, it is not. After an intermittent hour on this, and still not to any coupons, I am still clicking "no thank you" on offers.  Personally, I am striking this one off my list! Printable coupons - no grocery coupons however last time this site was checked. Multiple pages of offers after you enter your zip code. We like this site until we get to the required download of their coupon printer. Per the site, it does not install any third-party software, adware, or spyware, nor does it collect any personal information. Clean website - easy on the eyes as it is not overly busy. Printable coupons are good, just lots of scrolling to see if they have what you need.



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