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Freebies and Forums


Many times when visiting a website the administrator promotes items that benefit the site. It may benefit them via advertising dollars or lead marketing. However, within the forums you may find some great links to free stuff. To get the most out of the free sites that have forums, cruise the topic list (if they have one posted) and choose one that interests you. Many contributors, like the persons who contribute here on have really got a “great Freebies” pick that they share. Take advantage of the forum and or blog that are on these freebie sites. Sites with a blog/forum are open to promoting free or almost free items.



A site that really uses the web format of a forum is . This is a great site that promotes not only free stuff but a large selection of great deals that will save you money. The forum topics on this site are great. You can view many offers and also participate in the forum to contribute your great savings find.



Although is a great forum site it is not the only one that promotes web surfers the ability to view their forum on great deals but there are few that are as organized as A blog/forum is great tools to communicate the “free deal” now. Keeping a site up to date with all newest free offers is a bigger job than one person or an office full of people searching the web. With so many people cruising the net finding so many different merchant offers, it is a great benefit to have blog/forum sites to promote the found items.



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